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Bluebeam Revu 2020 Basics

This 8-hour class takes place on

Tuesday October 4, 2022

from 7:30am - 3:30pm.

Revu 20: Basics
Course Outline

The Revu 20: Basics curriculum includes the following modules:

Module 1: Introduction to Revu

• Course introduction

• Introduction to Revu

Module 2: Overview of the Revu Interface, Navigation and Profiles

• Command Bar, Toolbars and Menus

• Side Panels and Tab Access

• Profiles and Profile Management

• Opening a PDF in Revu

• PDF Navigation in Revu

Module 3: The Markup Tools

• Overview of Markup Tools

• How to Access Markup Tools

• Types of Markup Tools

• Customizing the Properties of Markup Tools

• Using Snapshot

Module 4: Revu Stamps

• Applying a Stamp

• Creating a Stamp

Module 5: The Tool Chest

• What is the Tool Chest™ and Why It Saves Time

• Special Tool Sets (Recent Tools, My Tools)

• Properties Mode vs. Drawing Mode

• Custom Tool Sets

Module 6: The Markups List

• What is the Markups List?

• Organizing Columns

• Sorting Data in the Markups List

• Filtering Data

• Statuses

• Custom Columns

• Importing Comments from Other PDFs onto

 Your File

• Exporting All Markup Data

Module 7: PDF Creation

• New PDF Creation

• Using the Bluebeam PDF Printer

• PDF Creation Using the Bluebeam Plugin

• Introduction to 2D and 3D PDF Creation Using

 Design Program Plugins

Module 8: Document Management and Setup

• PDF Manipulation

• Search: Text and VisualSearch™

• Emailing and Exporting PDFs

• Page Re-label and Bookmarks

Module 9: Introduction to Studio

• Overview of Studio Sessions and Projects

• The Difference Between Studio Sessions and Projects

• How Customers Are Using Studio to Save Time

• Getting into Studio

Module 10: Studio Sessions

• Setting Up a New Session

• Live Session Participation

• Record Reports

• Closing Out a Studio Session

Module 11: Studio Projects

• Setting Up a New Project

• Uploading Documents

• Inviting Attendees

• Setting Permissions

• Viewing Documents in Read-Only Mode

• Document Check-In/Check-Out Procedures

• Viewing Revision History

Module 12: Additional Resources

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